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Tastefully Yours' Paula Kraft to Speak at the 3rd annual BA-Meetup March 14-16, 2011 in London - Northolt, UK

Feb 25, 02:29 PM

Catering- Meeting the SMS Standards

Must-Attend Conference

We are all well aware that Safety Management Systems (SMS) are rapidly becoming the standard in the aviation industry worldwide. BUT, where is your organization’s SMS for catering? Do you even consider the selection and service of food as a possible safety issue?

Who is responsible; how should they be trained; what should your company include in the SMS program to keep your crew and passengers from being incapacitated before, during, and after a flight? Have you thought about the security risk your food supplier poses? According the FAA, “Safety Management System for certificate holders and regulators will integrate modern safety risk management and safety assurance concepts into reputable, proactive systems.” This presentation will cover the areas of most concern relative to the health and well being of crews and passengers when catering is ordered, delivered, prepared, and eaten on the aircraft.

Be proactive and learn how to ensure that your catering ordering procedures have a good standard for preventing; food borne illnesses, food bacteria growth, viruses, allergic reactions, and how to avoid goods and services from unsecured sources which affect the entire food chain from farm to fork. We will discuss; restaurant catering, general aviation catering and food purchase baseline standards; effective communications with the catering vendor; handling of the food once it is received by the FBO or aircraft crew; and the reheating to clean-up of all food items, including staple items on hand in the aircraft galley.

Don’t be surprised to see several gaping holes, namely catering, in your SMS program. From now on Ignorance is no excuse.

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