Tastefully Yours Catering

Amanda Kraft

Amanda Kraft, Paula’s youngest daughter and co-owner, grew up in the family business. As a young child, she would fold cake boxes for the bakery after school. As she got older, she worked with numerous chefs learning all she could from each of them. But she credits her mother with most of her culinary abilities. She has worked in every area of the business over the years, from washing dishes, cooking and serving events to sales, marketing and accounting.

She journeyed abroad on two Semester at Sea programs where she traveled extensively around the globe increasing her cultural awareness and educating herself about different foods from different cultures. She now uses this experience to help with the growing global clientele of Tastefully Yours to consult with the chefs and ensure that the menu items created are prepared to traditional standards in the latest styles.

She achieved her Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration from Kennesaw State University in 2003 with a double major of Marketing and Management. Since then, she has taken the position of Chief Financial Officer where she works alongside her mother.