ACC offers Global Standard for Aviation Catering Excellence and Safety

The launch has been announced of Aviation Catering Consultants (ACC), an international entity with offices in the United States and Europe, dedicated to educating, training and guiding the global aviation industry in all aspects of catering and food handling.

ACC has developed a Catering Safety Management System designed to reduce the risk in all aspects of catering handling from the food source, through the caterer, to the handler or FBO to the flight crew for service to the passenger. The enterprise is a partnership between Paula Kraft, President of Atlanta-based Tastefully Yours Catering and Monalisa Shaheen-Jones, formally of ASN (Aviation Services Network) and Rudy’s Inflight Catering.

Aviation Catering Consultants has worked internationally to select individuals whom the industry respects as specialists in their field. This elite group of hand selected seasoned industry professionals in varied fields of aviation have joined forces as one unit to offer a broad spectrum of professional expertise in aviation specific culinary fields, catering best practices, training for aviation caterers, as well as food safety management programs, aviation specific food packaging, on board soft skills service including flight attendant culinary training and FBO personnel training relating to food service and its role in the catering safety management system.

“We’re delighted to roll out a new Aviation Catering Industry Global Standard for Excellence and Safety which will line up with the NBAA Standards of Excellence in Business Aviation (Seba) levels for training requirements of flight crews,” said Ms. Kraft. “Our programs for caterers will include basic food science technology relating to aviation and food preparation; Nutrition concepts as applied to menus and recipes; training in world culinary cuisine concepts, techniques and ingredients; and aviation food portions and packaging.”

ACC addresses the most critical catering related challenges, acts as catalysis for improvements, works in research and development to make improvements in our industry. With over 60 years of combined catering experience, the ACC partners identify various risk situations objectively from a safety point of view, analyze the facts, and offer alternatives for implementation.

“We will educate and offer guidance to the global aviation industry with regard to the catering and the flight attendant community by creating a global standard for food handling in aviation,” continued Ms. Kraft. “The inclusion of European partners from the outset ensures that innovations in catering best practices, hygiene and food safety management will ensue simultaneously on both sides of the Atlantic. Our personal mission has always been to share knowledge, expertise, and experience, both good and bad, with the aviation community. Aviation catering is a science not taught in culinary school; it’s a fusion of experience, experimentation, and feedback from flight crews. We feel it is vital that this information and knowledge be shared throughout the aviation industry.”

Areas of expertise for which training is offered include:

  • Caterer Training

  • Flight Attendant/Flight Tech Training

  • FBO Handler/Flight Department/Scheduler Training
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    Caterer Training

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    • Catering Safety Management Systems for general aviation
    • Certified aviation-specific food safety training
    • Aviation-specific packaging equipment and galley supplies
    • Training in world culinary cuisine concepts

    Flight Attendant/Flight Tech Training

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    • Catering Safety Management Systems for general aviation
    • Menu planning / catering objectives
    • Mechanics of service
    • Working with the caterer
    • International etiquette/cultural awareneess

    FBO/Handler/Flight Department/Scheduler Training

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    • Catering Safety Management Systems for general aviation
    • Certified aviation specific food safety training
    • Ordering systems
    • Kitcehn auditing procedures
    • Customer servie training