When you buy a $25-million aircraft, investing in catering is often the last thing on your checklist. However, the true aviation businessman works, breathes and eats on his aircraft. From airborne office to flying lodging, when business aviation is one’s life, a healthy and nourishing way of replenishing your energy is of the utmost importance. So be aware of the downsides as well as the benefits of pre-prepared and pre-proportioned nutrients. FlyCorporate’s Jason Zappa Janse takes a closer look at why catering for business aviation is more than just serving meals.

Link to the FlyCorporate article Featuring Paula Kraft of Tastefully Yours

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    Find aviation catering daunting? With years of research and experience, we will bring all the info you need directly to your door.
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    Safety Management Systems are rapidly becoming the standard in the aviation industry worldwideWhere is your organization’s SMS for catering?
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    60 degrees Celsius is the temperature at which food can spoil. One of our most popular courses is food handling. http://dld.bz/WdXA
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    Your staff is the front line between you and your passengers. Are your flight dept or FBO service techs properly trained to handle food?
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Flight Attendant/Flight Tech Training

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FBO/Handler/Flight Department/Scheduler Training

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